Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Scales are such liars

So yall - I have come to the conclusion that scales are so worthless.
They truly do not tell you the truth,  I promise.
For the longest time I believed the scale, I knew that weight was a true display of your body composition. I was so wrong. Even though I have a degree in Exercise Science, I still believed the lie. I always wanted to number to go down. I put everything I had on getting the number down.
But I am learning, and it is so hard to believe, that the number is wrong.

As most of us know, muscle is more dense than fat.  Therefore, even though both are 5lbs, the muscle takes up a lot less space than the fat.

I have always known this but it wasn't until this past month that I really saw it and understood it for myself. 

I started tracking my calories ( and making sure I was getting enough - because I tended to always only wanted to eat 1,200 which was not enough for my body)  and doing more strength training work. 
I really felt like my body was changing and I was getting smaller. I could see my legs toning up and just felt firmer. 
But then I got on the scale and I went up a pound. I could not understand. 

It was crazy to me that I had been working so hard and eating the right things and I gained weight. I did not make sense, I felt smaller but I weighed more. I started to question what I was doing. 

But at more job I have the blessing of having an Inbody. Basically what it does is measure your body fat percentage, tells you your BMR, Lean Mass and Fat Mass. 
It is pretty awesome. 
But to go on with they story, I got on it the first of June and decided to get on it again yesterday... and you know that... i had gained a pound in weight but what it really was that I had gained two pounds of muscle and lost one pound of fat. 

So like I said, the scale is such a liar. - I am fitter and I am healthier - even though I weigh more. 

And I am happy with that. 

So throw away the scale because you know what- if you feel like what you are doing is making a difference and you are getting stronger than you probably are. And the scale is not going to show you that. 

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