Monday, August 18, 2014

Artificial Sweetner Free Protein Bar Review #1

So how's it goin?
So randomly I got an idea to do a little review/ testing of my own. I was at the grocery store yesterday with my mom and really wanted some protein bars and so then this happened :)

I really enjoy eating protein bars. I really do.
I know some people think that you shouldn't eat them for meals and eating real food is better. I can totally agree with this but it still doesn't change the fact that some protein bars are just plain yummy :) ( i might be weird, but I really do like some of them) 
Sometimes I really just want a good protein bar for lunch or a snack. 

The only problem is that so many of them are completely filled with tons or artificial sweeteners and I am actually slightly allergic/ intolerant of sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, etc. 
My stomach bloats and I just feel horrible. 

So I am on a quest to find some awesome protein bars that are all natural (kind of), healthy and most importantly delicious :) 

I hope you enjoy!
 Day 1 - Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar - Cookies & Cream 

Nutrition Facts -
  • 205 calories 
  • 14 g of protein 
  • 5 g of sugar 

Scoring :) on a scale from 1 to 10 
Taste - 6/10

  • The taste was pretty good. It tasted like a white chocolate wafer basically. The only reason why the score wasn't higher was because the filling sometimes tasted kind of chalky. I really did enjoy it but at times it just tasted dry. 
Fullness after eating - 4/10

  • This bar really did not hold me at all. I was not really that satisfied after eating it. Like I needed a snack an hour to two hours after eating it. :/

Overall 6/10

  • The bar itself was pretty good and it tasted like a cookie really, but I just feel like a protein bar should feel me up more. That was the most disappointing thing about this bar. 
So I might eat this bar again, especially if I am in the mood for something light and tasty but for right now it is not going to be my go to bar to fill me up. 

This post is not sponsored or affiliated. All opinion of this product are my own :) 

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