Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bible study

So I am starting a bible study by Kelly Minter called No Other Gods.
I have gone through this study before, like maybe 4 years ago but thought it was time to go ahead and go through it again.
I really am feeling like I need to reconnect, and refocus on what is truly important, God.
I am still close but at the same time life is flying by me and I am trusting in other things rather that God.

Today was the first day I started but I already feel like I have a good take away point - My question to myself and to you is "What does God give graciously that I am looking for somewhere else?" Basically my question is asking - where are we going and what are we looking for that God already has. For example, for me I am always looking for acceptance
. God has already accepted me and I am a child of God, yet I constantly look for the acceptance of others. Find acceptance is an idol to me.
It is crazy to think about.

Just a thought for today - What are you putting before God?

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