Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello there

Well hello there, 

Welcome to my blog.... I guess I should sord of welcome myself too (since this is my first blog post and all)

So let's see... I have read blogs for a long time and even attempted to create my own blog a couple times or two, but here I am know starting my own blog all over again. 

Right now I feel like is a great time in my life to go ahead and start up this blog. I want to remember all of this life. 

If you are asking why in the whole wide world would this be a good time to start a blog well.... that is a good question. 

First off I just got married to the most amazing guy I could ever imagine, I just started working at the Y and I feel like I am just starting to find out where God wants me. 

It is honestly a pretty exciting and also scary time. Everything is changing but I am ready! Ready for whatever may come. 

So there you go... that is why I am starting this blog and I guess my first blog post. 

Nothing amazing or wow...but its just me. And that's what I want this blog to be about... simple old me living my new life :) 

Yours Truly